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Pro IP is an internationally active intellectual property (IP) agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that helps you protect and manage your valuable IP in Malaysia and...

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To provide our clients with a unique opportunity to gain the edge needed in the global Intellectual property (IP) arena and be part of an innovative community in...

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Once an IP Audit has been done and an IP Policy and Strategy devised, a company may well wish to look into its IP Commercialisation options. Whether to acquire IP, to sell or...

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PRO IP : Your Trusted Experts Throughout The IP Value Chain

PRO IP is one of the fastest growing patent and trademark firms in Malaysia, with an accomplished team of legal and technical professionals from various scientific backgrounds. Headquartered in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, PRO IP provides a comprehensive range of intellectual property services - patents, trademarks, industrial designs, licenses, IP management, audit, due diligence, valuation, technology brokerage and many more.


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We understand technology as well as the law

We have an accomplished team of legal experts and legally trained professionals from various scientific background with vast experience in handling IP fittings and prosecution in Malaysia and abroad. When it comes to protecting your IP, we are the experts who attend to technical and scientific details of innovations, provide legal support for trademark strategies, and deal with special aspect of product styling each and every day. In order to give the best possible protection for your product, process, brand,...




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