About PRO IP

Pro IP is an internationally active intellectual property (IP) agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that helps you protect and manage your valuable IP in Malaysia and abroad.

Young we may be but in reality we are an offshoot of bustaman, the specialist legal firm, which has since 1995 focused on intellectual property law. While bustaman continues to provide dedicated legal service, Pro IP, staffed by experienced and competent legal, technical and scientific individuals, offers a long list of IP services.

Our highly developed expertise in IP enables us to devise a comprehensive legal safeguard for your ideas, innovations and brands. We have a great store of legal and technical knowledge, and a rich treasury of experience to provide the vision and guidance to arm the budding inventors, entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized companies, universities, research institutions, as well as global players locally and abroad to reap the benefits of a comprehensively secured and carefully managed IP portfolio.

At Pro IP, we are passionate in what we do. Our personal interest and enthusiasm in what we do means clients are able to lay a solid foundation for their commercial success. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a start-up company, a research institution or multinational, a SME or a standards body, we can help you protect and manage your IP worldwide.