Once an IP Audit has been done and an IP Policy and Strategy devised, a company may well wish to look into its IP Commercialisation options. Whether to acquire IP, to sell or license (in and out), PRO IP is able to properly advise and facilitate the company’s requirements based on its understanding of the IP Audit and IP Strategy and Policy. To this end, PRO IP is also able to offer brokerage services where the relevant IP and suitable parties can be found and matched.


IP is undeniably a very important business asset which is tradable like other commodities. Licensing as a means of commercialization allows the IP owner to retain ownership, while still able to generate revenue. We are able to help negotiate licence terms and advice on a whole range of different types of licence subject matters, from patents to copyright, to trademarks and industrial designs, to know-how and trade secrets.

If technology transfer is being contemplated, we can also assist you in by helping to identify the best mode of acquisition, structuring the acquiring vehicle as well as advising on its terms. PRO IP is able to provide IP Due Diligence services and assist you in undertaking technology due diligence to evaluate the viability of the IP rights involved, and advice on the recordal of the transaction through suitable means such as a joint venture, collaboration, licensing, assignment and technical assistance.


In today’s climate, the race to file a patent can sometimes precede the relevant supporting technologies to bring the invention into full commercialized fruition. While competition between companies and technologies is healthy, at the same time it is pointless to reinvent the wheel and some technologies could in fact be shared or even sold. Having acted for a number of local inventors/applicants and our managing director being in the industry for many years, we are also well placed to broker the patents and technologies that are available on the market with suitable parties that have a need for them.