Investigation & Watching

IP protection includes calculated anticipation of infringing action by other entities against protected rights. Pro IP has an effctive system to monitor other filings and/or unauthorised activities that infringe or pass off entrenched IP rights.

The members of the watch service team in PRO IP are well trained with a keen eye to identify identical or similar characteristics between applications lodged in the regional Registries found to be in conflict with a client’s registered or pending rights.

PRO IP provides:

  • ​search patent and other technical literature to investigate patentability of your or competitors' inventions,
  • ​search patents and registered designs to investigate your risk of infringing competitors' rights,
  • ​search to investigate availability of new trademarks,
  • ​undertake strategic watching of patents, designs and trade marks to safeguard your rights,
  • ​implement watch strategies to keep you abreast of competitors' developments and innovations,
  • ​carry out and coordinate investigation surveys as required and provide written advice on the findings.