When inventors come up with a new device, substance, method or process, the first thing they want to do is patent it. Patents are a government's way of giving an inventor ownership of his or her creation. For a certain period of time, patent-holders are allowed to control how their inventions are used, allowing them to reap the financial rewards of their work. Patents are a palpable, legally-binding manifestation of a person's genius and innovation; they allow a person to actually own an idea.

We at PRO IP provide highly specialised support in all areas of patents, including the preparations for patents and application work, patent prosecution and maintenance. Our patent team is staffed by qualified and legally trained professionals from various scientific and technical disciplines with extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications across a wide range of technologies, including :

  • chemical engineering
  • biotechnology
  • chemistry
  • biomedical engineering and medical devices
  • pharmaceuticals
  • electrical and electronic engineering
  • mechanical and automotive engineering
  • telecommunications
  • physics and photonics
  • computer engineering, systems and processes
  • computer software

With its technical background, legal expertise and experience, the Pro IP team can appreciate an invention and will be able to achieve the best results for patent applications to be granted in Malaysia and abroad. We cover the concept behind your product and not just the specific device or software you have developed. At the same time, we develop logical extensions to your concepts to be included in your patent application, as well as covering applications of your product.
Over the years, we have built a good reputation with inventors, patent examiners and applicants that include reputable universities, research institutions, small- and medium-sized companies and renowned global players at home and abroad.

Our patent team provides the following services:

  • patentability, infringement and technology searches,
  • drafting patent specifications in various fields of technology,
  • drafting of various agreements related to patents,
  • preparing, filing and prosecution of local and foreign patent applications, including International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications and subsequent foreign national phase applications,
  • preparing, filing and prosecution of utility innovation applications, and maintenance of granted patents and utility innovations.