IP Audit, Due Diligence & Valuation

PRO IP recognises and stresses the importance of a proper audit of a company’s IP portfolio. Many businesses do not even realise what IP they own, and often there is duplication and even unnecessary or insufficient protection.

A proper audit would create awareness on behalf of the company, and allow it to take stock of what IP it has, who the actual owners are for work created under collaboration, and what it could do with the IP it owns (or co-owns). An IP audit mechanism would enable the company to establish its portfolio. IP Valuation relates not only to the assets owned
by your company, it also means the best value of a licence to be placed on a technology. Pro IP has wide experience in “due diligence” and can prepare reports and opinions for potential backers on your behalf. For example, we evaluate IP portfolios when clients are looking for investors, or engaged in selling or buying businesses, or taking or granting licences.

Collaboration is an important element of a successful deal and we work closely with our client’s other professional advisors, such as accountants and solicitors, bankers and venture capitalists in providing
due diligence compliance to a range of business situations. These include mergers, acquisitions, and the re-financing or disposal of a company.