Geographical Indication

Geographical indication is an indication which identifies a product as coming from a certain geographical place, and such a product has special quality, reputation and other characteristics that are attributable to that geographical place.

Unlike trademarks, where a registration grants the owner exclusive rights to use the mark, geographical indication may be used by all producers or traders whose products originate from that place and which share typical characteristics.

Essentially geographical indications can be used for products such as food or agricultural products, wine or spirits, or any product of handicraft or industry. Examples of well-known Malaysian GIs are Sabah Tea, Sarawak Pepper and Tenom Coffee.

At PRO IP, we are able to:

  • assess registrability, analyse and assess the risk of the proposed GI,
  • file an application for registration and provide renewal services,
  • perform recordal of assignments and licenses,
  • ​attend to objections and opposition hearings before the Registrar,
  • provide a watching services,
  • advise on labelling, packaging and advertising.